Keep household cleaners away from baby

Childproofing with locks to Keep household cleaners away from baby

The safety of a child should always be a parent’s top priority, and just because a child is small, does not mean that they will not find a way to open a bottle of cleaner. It takes only seconds for a child to get a hold of something poisonous and ingest it.

The underneath of the kitchen sink is usually used for storing home cleaning products. There are ways to keep the cleaners on hand, but yet keep that area childproof. Cabinet door locks are designed to allow access to the cabinet by the parent, but then locking to keep baby out. There are several different kinds of locks available on the market and all of them are very reasonably priced.
A sliding cabinet door lock looks like the shape of a U that fits over two handles and can be adjusted and locked into position, then unlocked by sliding the catch while squeezing two tabs.

The magnetic locks fit into a cabinet door and can only be opened by the magnetic key. Guests wouldn’t even know they are there because there is nothing showing on the outside of the door.

A swivel lock can go into a drawer or fitted to a cabinet door. When a parent needs into the cabinet, they can easily access it by pushing on the arm of the lock, or instead of opening the door repeatedly; they can disengage the lock and then relock it when finished.

Keep your baby safe by keeping all of the household cleaners, supplies and tools locked up, but still keep them conveniently located, right at your fingertips.

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