How to Raise a Healthy Toddler

How to Raise a Healthy Toddler
5 Rules

1. Let your child be herself
Your child is beginning to show her personality. Let it shine! This means beginning to give her a say in decisions like what she will wear or where you will go to play.

2. Let your child explore
Your child will be crawling and walking. Let her explore her surroundings, even if this means she get a little dirty. Recent research shows that exposure to dirt and microorganisms is actually good for the toddler. Think of it as training her immune system.

3. Read to her!
Toddlers love the sound of their parents’ voices. Read to her whenever she wants you to and you are able. Make a ritual of it at certain times of the day, say before nap time or before bedtime. Here’s another chance to embrace #1, too. Let her choose the book.

4. Start potty training
This is easier with girls than boys. We started training our little one at 14 months, and it sure beats cleaning poopy diapers! This is another place where you can begin a reading ritual. Read to your little one on the potty.

5. Feed her healthy food
I know that many parents claim that their child will “only eat x,” but when x is a hot dog, I don’t think there is any excuse. Never introduce such foods. Veggies and more veggies. Failing that, fruit and whole grains.

Obviously, 5 rules can’t tell you everything about how to raise a healthy toddler, but here’s a start.

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