Caring for Your Babies Teeth

Caring for Your Babies Teeth

Teething is a difficult time for your child and it is up to you as their parent to care for their teeth and keep them healthy. There is a variety of tips to help care for your infants teeth including, teething rings, tooth brushes, and taking away night time bottles.

Baby Bottles and Healthy Teeth

When an infant starts teething, it is critical to take their bottle from them before they go to bed. Letting your child suck on a bottle full of formula through out the night can rot their teeth at an early age. To avoid your child getting aggravated, let them fall asleep with their bottle and take it away as soon as their eyes shut. Once they are sleeping replace the formula with hot water if they wake up in the middle of the night and reach for their bottle.

Teething Rings

Teething rings are an ideal toy for your child when they are teething, the coldness and texture helps to sooth their pain.There are a large variety of teething rings to choose from, they come in many different shapes, colors and sizes to suite your babies taste.


Once your child receives their first tooth, it is up to you to maintain them on a daily basis. Toothpaste should not be used on infants at any time. Toothpaste can be extremely harmful to babies if given in large amounts. By wetting a toothbrush with water and gently scrubbing their teeth, you can keep them sparkling clean and full of life.

Every baby needs a little guidance to help maintain their pearly whites and luckily there is a variety of products and tips to help them along the way. By taking away their night time bottle, using toothbrushes and providing them with teething rings, you will help them keep healthy teeth and lessen the pain of the teething process.

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