About Toddlers Thrush

About Toddlers Thrush

Thrush is basically a Candida yeast infection of the mouth that is more common in infants and toddlers. Two of the main causes for Toddlers Thrush are, an immune system that hasn’t fully developed to fight off higher levels of yeast in the body. And the other main source is ‘antibiotics’, sometimes when toddlers take antibiotics, it helps one problem but it weakens the other half of the immune system to fight yeast infections, giving Candida yeast a chance to grow.

Contact your Pediatrician if you notice white lesions in the toddlers mouth, this is one of the first symptoms of Toddlers Thrush. The lesions can grow in the esophagus, this will make it more difficult to swallow. Follow the Dr instructions and for the first few days, feed your toddler sugar free Popsicle, clear liquid, non salted broths. Yogurt is a good cold soft food that has natural antibiotics and can help your toddler’s immune system.

Stay away from citrus drinks and anything with salt, or sugar, like any sore coming in contact with citrus or salt it will hurt. Sugars have been known to increase the growth of the yeast infection.

Please take precautions that Toddlers Thrush can also be passed to the mother during breast feeding. So you may want to use a breast pump until you know the infection is gone. Cleanse any sip cups, pacifiers, by soaking them in hot water and a few drops of bleach or water over 125 degrees to prevent re-infection.

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