Picking the best developmental toys for your child

Picking the best developmental toys for your child

Toys are an important part of children’s learning and development. Children learn by playing. They also learn by exploring and imitation or acting. Toys stimulate the mind and body. How do you pick the best developmental toys for your child? Read packaging information, know what your child knows, know your child’s weaknesses and strengths, and be willing to challenge your child without stressing them.

Read the toy’s packaging information. The toy’s packaging has information about how it helps your child’s development. Some of the keywords you are looking for on a toy’s packaging are: hand/eye coordination, fine motor skill, gross motor skills, and basic colors, shapes, and/or letters. The other main words are develops, improves, and teaches. The more a child can acquire from the toy the better the toy will be for your child developmentally.

Developmentally appropriate toys will be toys that coincide or slightly surpass your child’s developmental level. Toys should help teach imaginative and cognitive thinking, socialization, and creativity. These lessons may need an adult to help as well. The toy should help develop fine motor skills, as well as gross motor skills.

For the toy to be the best developmentally for your child, the toy needs to be age/developmentally appropriate for your child. If your child already crawls and sings his or her alphabet, you do not want to buy a ball that teaches your child crawling and the alphabet.

To find the best toy developmentally for your child, know your child’s strength and weaknesses and what your child knows. The best developmental toy for your child will be a toy that will teach and reinforce what your child knows and helps your child develop new skills.

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